If you’re like me, you strive for a perfect holiday meal for Thanksgiving.

We spend hours and hours in the kitchen, hoping for each dish to turn out perfectly, but in the end what makes a perfect Thanksgiving is tradition.

All families have their own special dishes that wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them, but being able to put the food in a unique serving piece that will highlight the food you are serving will take it to a whole new level.

The turkey is always the centerpiece, the one thing that everybody looks at hoping for perfection, taking pictures of, and is the most noticeable dish in a Thanksgiving feast.

At Kate’s Kitchen, we have taken into consideration when coming out with a turkey platter and Thanksgiving serving dishes that we want to help to create that amazing picture by showcasing the food.

A little colour to any meal, whether in the food or on the dish it is served in, will help amplify it immensely.

We brought in linens, décor, and centerpieces in order to compliment your meal. Having serveware that complements each food item like mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce to help you create a beautiful and festive atmosphere.

Because of all the dishes needed in order to serve a beautiful meal, we often times run out of dishes to serve the food on. Once we get through all the serving dishes, we then realize all that we have left is Tupperware. Having enough fabulous dishes to showcase your wonderful meal will always be necessary.

At Kate’s Kitchen we always have all kinds of different serving ware, from white to colourful. We carry big and small, long and short, square and round, from white to colourful; anything you may need or want. We make sure that you are able to make your table a beautiful setting for a great and memorable meal.

Once the meal has ended, and people have left, you are stuck with a lot of dishes and cleaning up to do. At Kate’s Kitchen, we carry a cleaning line called ‘Cleans Happen’, which is environmentally friendly, featured on Shark Tank; it truly is an amazing cleaning product.

With beautiful colourful items, we are excited to be a part of a special meal, whether by using our serveware, putting a fun picture up on the wall, or using some of our food products. With the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget the things that will elevate your food dishes, like an outstanding platter for your turkey or beautiful bowl to hold the stuffing.