There is nothing more comforting than a family cooking, eating, and spending time in the kitchen together; as that is usually where they will end up anyways.

More and more we see large kitchen islands and open space concepts with the dining and kitchen becoming one, and our family and friends standing around talking, eating, dipping, and tasting all kinds of wonderful things around that centre island.

No matter what occasion or casual get-together, it is sure to end up being in the kitchen, with food in everybody’s hands.

A lot of the serving ware that Kate’s Kitchen offers the experience that a person entertaining is able to take their food and make it beautiful, creating an eye-catching meal with the dish to compliment. By getting colourful, eye-catching pieces, you will allow the focus to become on your dish and encourage people to participate in tasting all the things you worked so hard at making.

We try to make it fun for you to entertain and we hope to contribute to making your kitchen and décor as appealing as possible.

We do special orders out of the store so if we don’t have something that you are looking for, we will do what it takes to meet your needs.

We want to be sure that we have something that fits everybody’s taste and will  work  hard  to  get  it  in  the store.

Kate’s Kitchens focus is helping  customers  to  have  fabulous kitchen ware, beautiful décor, and by being able to purchase food items that are out of the box and delicious enough to add to any party.

We want your kitchen to be just as fabulous as you are!