My name is Katheryn and I am the owner of Kate’s Kitchen’s.

I moved to Belleville in 2009, thinking that it was going to be my new retirement home. I quickly became bored with my new lifestyle, from being a busy high-profile career woman; I felt that I needed something to keep myself busy. So I began doing non-profit work for a few years and then decided that it was time for me to pursue something different, something that would allow myself to demonstrate and teach, enabling me to show my creativity and talent.

That is where the idea of Kate’s Kitchen came about. It was perfect for me, I thought.

Kate’s Kitchen is a fun place that features colourful things, such as cookware, serving ware, décor, and other things that you may not see in other stores. The store also has food products such as chocolates, spices, and sauces.

Since I love to entertain and cook, I found this idea to be a wonderful opportunity to allow myself to shine at what I love to do, and something that allows me bring new things into the downtown area.

I found Belleville to be perfect for my shop. I had always seen opportunities by going out with friends, seeing the different stores and my friend’s shop. I felt it was something I would really like to do.

Going to antique markets and looking at stores similar to Kate’s Kitchen, I thought to myself that I would really like to do that.

Giving back to the community and being better connected with it, and giving back to some degree in the downtown Belleville area in order to bring people into the city is what I thought as being a great opportunity.

By taking a month and learning what other retailers are doing in the area, and by understanding the needs and what Belleville already offers, and wondering to myself if my idea feasible in this city.